Workshop practical sessions

The workshop practical sessions are sessions where students can put in practice concepts and developments seen during standard lectures. It can take several formats depending on the topic and the lecturer, with for example:

  • Going through a computation that was too long to develop during the lecture.
  • Question & Answer sessions.
  • Exercises or problems to solve.
  • Numerical computations.
  • Discussing in detail a paper fundamental for the lecture.

The emphasis is put on active participation of students and practical work.

On Wednesday, two sessions will run in parallel:

  1. QCD by Markus Diehl.
  2. QGP/CGC by Edmond Iancu.

The number of students per session is limited to 20. Students will have to register to one of them at the school secretariat, and when one of the sessions will be full the students left will be automatically assigned to the other one.

On Thursday, one workshop session will be devoted to the EPOS event generator by Klaus Werner. Students are asked to come, if possible, with their own laptop. Students without a laptop can work in pairs with another student.

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